Sam Wood on working out with your partner. (Are you listening, Snez?)

Ahhhh, We’ve heard the clichéd cheesy line a million times before: couples that train together, remain together.

This statement is usually accompanied by a cringeworthy gym selfie that took 1000 shots until it was approved by both parties (you know what I’m talking about).

But is it really true? I’m not so sure. I believe it’s not about training together (make that a ‘sometimes’ thing) but rather supporting each other.

Get on board each other’s goals

Even as a trainer I make sure Snez explains to me what she wants, as she understands her body better than I ever will and knows what works for her. Then I simply encourage her, answer her questions when they come my way and every now and then we work out together.


She’s into a few different things than I am and I love hearing about and encouraging her progress in a new direction. Plus, I get the chance to learn something new and also I don’t come off as a know-it-all. (Post continues after video).

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Don’t necessarily ‘train’ together

Now my situation might be a little different as I am a trainer but even still: no one wants to be told exactly what to do by their other half, or trained by them like a drill sergeant for an hour before flicking the switch back to harmonious couple mode.

 The best couples exercise is getting outdoors walking, cycling, surfing – anything that doesn’t feel like exercise as you are simply loving each others company. And you can get onto this right away, by walking to your Sunday breakfast or racing up the stairs: take any opportunity to get a bit sweaty together! Click through the gallery to look back on Snez and Sam’s relationship. (Post continues after gallery).  


Support, don’t nag

 To have a truly sustainable and healthy relationship with exercise we need to understand why we do it and have some level of intrinsic motivation or it just won’t last. The motivation is key: celebrate the positives, and avoid the temptation to nag! “Weren’t you meant to go to the gym today?” will never make someone want to get off the couch.  


But jump in on applauding progress or noticing positive changes: the phrase “your butt is looking good!” rarely goes astray. Oh, and if you love a gym selfie, I’d suggest mid-full body session: all your muscles are looking good and you can still stand up straight!

Happy training, you two.


Sam Wood is the creator of, the 28 day online fitness, food & mindfulness program that he won’t shut up about. Sam is a personal trainer with over 15 years experience making people fitter and happier.

How do you train with your partner?

Image: Instagram/@samjameswood.