Why every introvert needs a Hamster Wheel of Personal Space. This is truly brilliant.

Introverts, assemble. Extroverts, be quiet and listen for a bit, yeah?

We’ve found the most perfect explanation of what it’s like to be introverted that’s ever been sketched.

Introverts, save it, love it, show it to anyone who has ever called you shy, withdrawn, dweeby or boring. Give it to anyone who has stolen your valuable energy, or better yet – anyone who deserves your precious energy but doesn’t understand that you can’t always give it to them.

Extroverts, it’s quiet learning time. Here’s why you need to give every beloved introvert in your life a Hamster Wheel of Personal Space.

Thank you Dr Carmella and Schroeder Jones for this excellent cartoon. You’ve explained the difference between introverts and extroverts more succinctly and effectively than any library, human or Google search. The world would genuinely be a more harmonious place if we could all recognise who needs energy, who steals it, who deserves and who needs quiet time to recharge.

(Don’t mind me, I’m just printing 1,000 copies to distribute at my next exhausting social outing.)