17 people on the one thing that made them stick to their exercise routine.

Image: Bridesmaids.

There’s a famous proverb that goes like this: the road to regular exercise is paved with good intentions.

Okay, so that’s not exactly how it goes, but the idea stands. Anybody who’s ever resolved to “get fit” knows factors like time, money, motivation and boredom can easily stand between the best of intentions and the door of the gym.

Making a workout routine stick isn’t always as easy as it sounds — and different approaches work for different people. Here, 17 people from The Glow HQ share the one thing that made it happen for them.

1. Go team

“When I was doing team sports, that was super simple to stick with. You had to go to training twice and week and the game on the weekend and you got shit from the team if you didn’t show up or had a poor excuse. You also wanted to train and play your hardest for the benefit of everyone.”

2. ~Activewear~

“Just this week I have bought expensive activewear in the hope it will guilt me into doing more running.”

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3. Goodbye, snooze button

“I set my alarm and I don’t give myself a chance to snooze. I jump out of bed and then I have to follow through and exercise.”

4. A dedicated workout buddy…

“I have a swimming buddy. She pushes me to come to the pool when I’m feeling sluggish, and I push her to come when she is. We motivate each other. It’s also a really really lovely way to stay in touch with a friend so regularly.”

A workout buddy can keep you accountable. (Image: New Girl/FOX)

5. Or a squad

"The time I go to the gym is the time my boyfriend and housemates go too. It's nice after a day's work to have time to yourself at the gym and then spend the commute back home with friends who share a common interest as you — a sort of club. You get to know their goals and see them progress and achieve as you are too. It really helps to motivate me and keep me going on my fitness routine."

6. Family ties

"So daggy, but I actually go with my whole family so there's no excuse to get out of it!"

7. A rigid routine

"For me it was all about routine; choosing the time of day that I knew I would 99.9/100 times be available. I'm not going to meet friends for breakfast or clean my house at 6:30 am. If I try to go different times I flake out." (Post continues after gallery.)


 8. Forward thinking

"I sleep in most of my exercise gear so that all I have to do when I wake up is put on my bra and shoes and I'm out the door."

9. An inspiring trainer

"I do a bootcamp type of program five mornings a week. It's 100 per cent the trainer — the way they motivate you individually and understand your goals. For me it was about finding something that made me want to get out of bed in the morning, and that's the people!"

Jessica Alba knows the value of a good trainer. (Instagram)

10. Distraction

"Being able to entertain myself during the workout. I listen to podcasts while jogging and watch Netflix while on the elliptical trainer."

 11. Bribery

"I associate podcasts with going for walks, so if I want to listen to the next episode I have to exercise!"

12. Exercising for enjoyment

"Doing something you actually enjoy. For me it's swimming laps and riding my bike to work. I have friends who go rock climbing for this reason."

Love riding a bike? Keep doing that. (Image: HBO)

13. Two birds, one stone

"I power walk to and from work each day. Because I think of it as something 'essential' that has to happen, rather than boring exercise that I have to find time before or after work for, I have stuck to it. Haven't caught the bus once."

14. Outsourcing motivation

"I do bootcamp - you don't have to rely on motivating yourself and someone else tells you exactly what to do and how to do it."

15. Location, location

"Finding a beautiful running track with incredible views." (Post continues after gallery.)

16. Return on investment

"I paid a lot for a gym membership. I think it's been proven that if you pay a lot, you're more likely to use it because you can't bear the thought of wasting all that money."

17. Positive self-talk

"The internal monologue: 'You never regret a workout' + 'Remember how great you feel post-exercise' + 'Think of the Messina [gelato] you can now smugly enjoy'."

What's the one thing that made you stick to your fitness routine?