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Vic is a psychopath. This is exactly how her brain works.

Vic does not love her family. 

Not for any reason in particular. She had a stable childhood and her parents are good people, she just doesn't love them. 

In fact, she barely has a relationship with them or her siblings. Not even her twin brother. 

If she never saw a single member of her family ever again, she wouldn't be sad about it. She views them as roommates that were chosen for her. 

Three ways to spot a psychopath. Post continues after video.

Video via @victhepath

That's because Vic is a self proclaimed psychopath. She was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) when she was 19-years-old, and in recent months she's been sharing her unique world view on TikTok to a rapidly growing audience to help de-stigmatise the disorder. 

While she has received psychotherapy in the past, she isn't currently on any treatment and explains that her ASPD is on the "lower end" of a spectrum.

Recent studies suggest that as many as 1 in 22 people could be psychopaths. Generally, we are taught by movies and TV shows that psychopaths are always the villain. But Vic wants to show that they aren't all bad people. 


She has friends, she cries sometimes (mainly as a stress release, and she admits she has to induce the tears), and sometimes she even feels empathy.

"One of the main characteristics of psychopathy is a lack of empathy, however we can experience empathy it's just that we are able to choose how we experience it.

"Empathy is like a faucet. I can turn it off and on as I want. If I want to be empathetic towards others I can," she says. Although ever the psychopath, she does follow that statement up with, "it helps me manipulate others better". 

Vic has been manipulating people since she was a child, and looking back she says it's "impressive" what she was able to get away with.

Vic is hoping her page will help raise awareness of what it's like to live with ASPD. Image: @victhepath


One of her biggest tactics, is to tell people she is manipulative up front. She says it makes people "let their guard down" in thinking they aren't going to be included in her web. 

Vic says she's been given most things she wants in life by simply asking for them. She is confident, polite and charming when she first meets people, but admits at school she was a "queen bee" and a bully. 

"I basically had no regard for the feelings of others, I just did what I wanted to do. I wanted people to fear me, I wanted people to do what I said. So I was very cruel to kids both verbally and physically, but I never got in trouble for it because I was such a 'sweet, good, innocent student' according to my teachers," Vic explains.

"I was very manipulative, and I knew how to play both sides... I was just a bad person."


Later in her school life, she moved away from being a bully but still made a habit of curating her group of friends.

"It was very easy for me to make friends with people that didn't have their own identities, because they just latched on to me and wanted to be me."

But Vic doesn't have any long-standing friends from any of her school years. She has cycled through friendship groups, moving on when those people no longer serve her.

When it comes to romance, Vic has never been in a long-term relationship and she's never been in love. She has had flings purely for "fun" and is a fan of a 'friends with benefits' type relationship, but is hopeful that one day she'll be able to maintain a 'real' relationship with someone she respects. 

She admits she "does not have the bandwidth" for anything too serious and finds it hard to be interested in people for reasons beyond physicality. She only dates people who are "extremely attractive" and who will take care of her financially. When she breaks up with people or moves on from flings she admits she "doesn't care" and simply cuts them out of her life.

@victhepath Replying to @Kacey Lemus I cared about my exes but not in a selfless way #highfunctioningpsychopath #femalepsychopath #antisocialpersonalitydisorder #aspdawareness #psychopath #psychopathdiary #chroniclesofapsychopath #relationships ♬ original sound - Vic Path

Forgiveness is not really something Vic can do. If someone breaks her trust, she won't just forget about it - and she doesn't understand people who choose to give people second chances. 


Similarly, she doesn't understand why people care about social issues that don't affect them directly. 

Vic doesn't like animals, and she doesn't like children. The only reason she'd want kids of her own is to see "how my genetics would play out in a child". 

"From an experimental point of view, I feel like that would be very interesting. Human development is a fascinating subject to me, so I think I would get enjoyment out of that aspect of it. But I don't think if I was a mother I'd be able to properly provide for my child emotionally." 

In sharing all of this information online, Vic is hoping she will help others spot psychopaths in their lives and be able to understand the way their brains work. She says if someone is a pathological liar, is very calm under pressure and are a bad influence (in encouraging you to do dangerous or risky things), they may have ASPD.

One of the reasons Vic has previously put herself in dangerous situations, is because she doesn't really fear death. Why would she? In her view, you can't feel it, you don't know it has happened and there's no "consequence" for dying. 

She doesn't want to die, however. 

"I do not want to go through the act of dying. I don't want to be aware I'm dying. The physical pain of death is what scares me," she says. 

Feature image: @victhepath.

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