A bra fitter says there is a "correct" way to put your bra on and oh... we are all wrong.


A debate has been bubbling for the past week about how to correctly put your bra on.

It all started with a tweet by a woman named Aki. She asked the people of the internet how they put it on, with a very clear illustration describing the ways.

Arguments erupted globally as women fought over the “right” way to put on a bra.

While many women argued the best way was to clip at the front and twist around the waist, others said that clipping it up at the back is the only way to put a bra on.

There were others arguing that you should put it over your head like a T-shirt, or do the clasp up and “step into” a bra, which is… disturbing.

Now a bra fitter has told Mamamia that there is an actual “correct” way to put a bra on and at least 95 per cent of us are doing it wrong.


After training retail workers on how to help customers correctly put on a bra that fits correctly, she knows her stuff.

Drumroll, please…

You lean forward into the cups, and clip the bra behind you. 

The morally superior people who shamed you for twisting it around your waist were… correct.

She continued to explain that the “spin around the waist” method damages the bra band through unnecessary stretching, because around 30 per cent of the bra’s support comes from the band, with 50 per cent coming from wires and 20 per cent coming from the straps.

We will all need to get up 10 minutes earlier from now on, because this will take some practice.

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