The easiest way to remove skin tags.

Skin tags.

Just about all of us will end up with at least one somewhere on our bodies, at some point during our lives. They’ll suddenly emerge, lurking in an armpit or under a boob or on our neck.

If you’re not sure what they look like …

Skin tags are annoying, but usually aren’t dangerous. They are acquired during life (that is, we aren’t generally born with them) and can be caused by hormone fluctuations or triggered by weight gain. Often, there’s no specific reason for them – they are simply ‘just one of those things’.

A few fun facts about skin tags:

One person can have anywhere from one to more than 100 skin tags.

Almost everyone will develop a skin tag at some point in their life.

Middle-aged, obese adults are most prone to skin tags.

Here’s the good news though. They are relatively easy to remove, naturally.

Watch this short video to find out how. Post continues below.

Video via Doug Willen

As Dr Doug points out in the video, rubbing the skin tag directly with apple cider vinegar, 2 to 3 times a day for up to a week will make the tag to turn black and drop off, naturally.

Just a reminder though: you should always consult a doctor if you are unsure about a spot or growth on your skin, especially they change colour, shape or consistency. The chart below is a good guide.

Have you discovered any other remedies to rid yourself of skin tags or found any life events that particularly trigger them?