10 women share their sure fire hangover hacks for the festive season.

Let’s be honest: if you woke up on a normal day feeling like you had a hangover, without having had a single drop of alcohol the night prior, you’d probably think you were dying.

The dry mouth? The throbbing headache? The sweats? The nausea? (Not to mention the smell of pure alcohol radiating from your pores. Mmm, delish.)

“This must be how it ends” would not be an unreasonable thought if you had no plausible explanation for it, and you’d probably call yourself an ambulance stat.

But when you’re suffering in your own personal, self-made hell post a rockin’ night out (for which, honestly, you deserve no sympathy) having to… do things, can feel like actual torture.

Especially at work. Here’s what a work day looks like with and without a hangover. Post continues after video.

But during festive season, you also have *shudder* family commitments… which may or may not involve screaming children, and relatives you haven’t seen in years that you have to be nice to/can’t vomit on.

(I mean, vomiting on great Aunt Susan would probably be frowned upon in my family, I don’t know about yours though).

Either way, it would pretty much be like this:


Never fear, we’re here help (and no, it’s not by telling you not to drink, because please).

Everyone has their tried and tested cures.


Personally, I just like to stay horizontal in a dark room praying for it to end, accompanied by copious amounts of greasy food. Oh, and sporadically getting up to complain about it to whoever will listen.

Not the best advice. So instead, I consulted 10 of my lovely colleagues who have very kindly offered their own survival tips for hangovers this festive season.

Some these involve pre-planning, and look, some of us may never be that organised, but we appreciate the thought.


“Two Neurofen and a coke, and don’t mix drinks.” – Peta

“Hydralyte before bed, put it on the nightstand so you don’t forget.” – Polly

“Chocolate milk and Powerade.” – Tiffany

“Hash browns.” – Leigh

Salt and vinegar chips and icy poles.” – Keryn

“A surgeon’s advice: Berocca BEFORE you start drinking. I’ve never had a hangover since, no matter how much I drink. Taking it after you’ve done the damage won’t help too much.” – Nama

“I stay awake until I start to sober up and down as much cordial as humanly possible…I have also been known to go on a drunken jog, which is definitely not scientifically supported, but I always wake up feelin’ fresh to death.” – Eloise

“Take Hyrdodol before you drink – it’s amazing!” – Talia

“Set out Panadol and a giant, cold jug of water on your bedside table to reach for as soon as you wake up.” – Kate

And my personal favourite came from Sam, who said simply: “Sex”.


Got it.

What is your hangover hack? Tell us in the comments section below.