Think your carpets are clean? This $5 cleaning hack is freaking out everyone who tries it.


Vacuuming is one of those chores that, while annoying, at least can be satisfying when you look at all the dust, hair and dirt caught in the vacuum and the nice clean floor left behind.

At least we thought.

Until we, along with thousands of others, learned of the $5 cleaning hack that exposes just how clean our carpets really… aren’t.

When UK cleaning guru Sophie Hinchliffe shared her top tip for cleaning carpets with her 1.8 million followers, many were surprised at just how much their vacuum cleaners weren’t picking up.

Mrs Hinch, as she goes by, explained in her InstagramStories earlier this month that she runs a clean, dry squeegee over her seemingly clean carpets, which pick up dirt, dust and pet hair that her vacuum leaves behind.

And it’s a lot.

Mrs Hinch showed the just by scraping the squeegee a few times along the floor she had a pile of dog fur. Image: Instagram.

With a good squeegee, like this one from Big W, costing around $5, it's a very small price to pay for clean carpets.

Inspired Mrs Hinch devotees have since been sharing the results of their own squeegee once-over on social media.



Some suggested spraying carpet cleaner before using the squeegee to help the hairs to clump together.


Mrs Hinch said she didn't invent the hack herself, and it has been around "for years".

The author and lifestyle enthusiast also told her followers (as paranoid as we might all be right now) not to use the squeegee every day as it could "damage the fibres" in your carpet.

Of course, squeegees are great at their intended purpose too - cleaning glass.

By using one every single time you have a shower, you can avoid soap scum build-up, says Clean My Space YouTuber Melissa Maker.

"This little tool and the habit of using the squeegee on your shower after each shower means you basically don’t ever have to scrub your shower again," she said in a video about cleaning habits.


Melissa also suggests squeegeeing your mirror next time you forget to turn the fan on and it fogs up.

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