Watch Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson shamelessly flirt with a male reporter.

Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson are co-staring, alongside Rebel Wilson, in the soon to be released comedy How To Be Single.

The film is all about figuring out the ‘art of seduction‘, and realising that the idea there is one fool-proof way to pick up is a load of twaddle. But it appears Mann and Johnson have picked up a trick or two on set.

That, or they just really wanted to mess with this journalist and make a few points about sexism in the media.

Unlike the actresses, who are no doubt used to deflecting or redirecting inane and over-the-top compliments, Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV in Miami is totally flustered.

“Look how cute your socks are,” begins Mann. And before Van Vliet can offer what would no doubt be a thrilling explanation of his sock selection process, she jumps in again. “You’re so handsome. Are you single?”

“Wow thank you,” blushes Van Vliet, “tell me more.”

how to be single cast awkward interview
Image: Screenshot via YouTube/Chris Van Vliet

It takes almost two minutes (and three quarters of the interview!) before Van Vliet can actually kick off his pre-planned questions.

The video has been viewed over 150 thousand times, and while we’re not sure whether the actresses were trying to make a point – that’s exactly what they’ve done.