'We tried the concealer hack for dry and over 40s skin. Here's our honest thoughts.'

If you're a gal who finds that your concealer gets cakey or doesn't quite sit right in your under eyes, this one's for you, friend.

Because there's a new hack we need to talk about, immediately.

It comes from digital creator Rachel De Oliveria, who recently shared a video demonstrating the best way to wear concealer (and actually make it last) if you have dry or mature skin. 

And it's had thousands upon thousands of views. 

Watch: What to do if you can't find a concealer to match your foundation. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia

In the caption, De Oliveria wrote: "You would have seen the foundation mixed in the loose powder technique, now this is concealer for your under eyes which is beneficial for those that don’t like powdering on top of your concealer because you are either dry, or it typically sits cakey on your skin. Give this technique a go."

Intrigued? Excited? A little bit (very) scared? SAME.

But don't worry. Leigh Campbell and I decided to put it to the test on a recent episode of You Beauty, so you don't have to.


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Here's how it went.

Hang on. What exactly is the powder concealer hack?

Oh! Good question. 

The viral concealer hack basically promises to help your concealer to last throughout the day, without going cakey or weird. 

All you need is your concealer and a loose (or pressed) translucent powder and a fluffy brush.

In the viral clip, De Oliveria starts by applying two generous dots of concealer under her eye, one below her inner corner and one just outside her outer corner. 

Next, she takes a fluffy eyeshadow brush, dips it into a small amount of translucent powder and uses that powder-covered brush to blend in the concealer. 

And that's it!

She then compares it to her other eye where she's just used applied concealer alone, and we can confirm: the powder/concealer combo looks brighter, non-cakey and just... better.

Check it out below:


As De Oliveria mentioned in the caption, her technique is actually based off a hack that went viral a few weeks ago, where people were adding powder to their liquid foundation for a more flawless finish.

Now, people are saying this is a great for more mature skin and those who don’t like to put powder over the top of their concealer (me) (this is me).

How did you go with it?

Okay, so when I said "we" tried it on the podcast — I really meant... Leigh tried it. 

I know. I know. I totally b**ched out. 

But hear me out. As someone with dry skin that loves throwing a flaky patch or two, I was waaaay too hesitant to put powder anywhere near my face — let alone underneath my thirsty under eye area. Even if it promised to be good for dry skin.


Y'see, I never set my concealer with powder. In fact, I haven't used any form of powder on my face since, like, 2010 (bar the instances of having my makeup done professionally). I tend to use cream... everything.

So, yeah — I wanted to see how if worked out with Leigh before putting it to the test.

On the podcast, Leigh told me: "I use powdered bronzer and then translucent powder to set my T-zone but I generally avoid my under eye, because in my 40s, it does what she [Rachel De Olivera] says, and it gets too cakey."

Leigh explained that she usually blends her concealer in with her fingers for a nice seamless result, before sometimes using a finishing brush to buffer everything together.

"But I must say, because I don't set my concealer it's half gone by lunchtime. I do have the kind of job at Mamamia where it's normal to just sit at your desk and touch-up your makeup —  no one bats an eyelid. But if I guess you're a nurse or a shift worker, you might need your makeup to really hold."

"The hack is supposed to be great for mature skin, so I'm going to be the guinea pig," she said.

Thanks, Leigh.

"I didn't bring a loose powder because I'm not a loose powder girl but I brought my favorite pressed powder, which is the Westman Ateliar Vital Pressed Skincare Powder, $120. I can still load the brush the same. I've got the Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener, $42."


Upon applying two generous dots of foundation under one eye and using a loaded brush to apply the formula, Leigh said it felt a little dry. 

So, for the other eye she changed tack. "I think it works much better with a powdered finger," she said.

*Insert Bernard Fanning*.

"I think also the brush absorbs so much of the concealer."

So, she ditched the brush. 

On the other eye she applied the concealer the same way, however instead of using a brush she used her finger — placing it in the pressed powder and using it to blend the concealer into her under eye.

And you guys... it looked so. darn. SEAMLESS.

Her whole eye area look bright. Fresh. Glowy.

"We're changing the hack," Leigh said. 

"I'd recommend applying concealer under the eye and getting some pressed or loose translucent powder on your finger and pressing it into the skin."

Now, as someone who wasn't going to try the hack, Leigh's results looked so good I knew I just *had* to give them a whirl.

And look, I know I don't have 'mature' skin (I'm 31), but I definitely do have dry skin. This means all setting powder typically sits cakey and gross on my skin (as per my above reservations with powder). 


So, I was keen to find out if this technique would work as good as it did for Leigh.

Rather than using the brush, I decided to use Leigh's 'powder finger' hack to blend everything in. 

I started by applying the concealer in the same way as the original video (two generous dots - one below the inner corner and one outside the outer corner), using Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer, $50.

There is fear in these eyes.


I then pressed my ring finger into some translucent finishing powder (I ran into the chemist and bought Kind Translucent Finishing Powder in Pearl, $19.95, because I didn't have a sniff of powder in my makeup kit).

Gang's all here.


And here's what my under eyes looked like with my normal concealer technique (just applying it alone) and with the Rachel De Oliveria/Leigh Campbell technique on the left.

Left 'powder finger' concealer technique. Right is 'normal' concealer technique.

Thoughts? Feelings? (Pls excuse the brows).


Okay, I'll go first.

While the hack definitely made my under-eyes appear a little brighter and offered a little more coverage, I felt that it maybe accentuated my under-eye creases a little... more? And still looked a little dry?

Am I right??

In saying this, I'm yet to test the longevity of the powder technique — so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts in comparison to my usual concealer application. 

Because similarly to Leigh, I'll look in the mirror at 1pm and usually find my concealer has just buggered off for the day.

The verdict.

While the results didn't look as amazing as they did on Leigh, I definitely feel like this is one to try if what you're currently doing isn't really working — or if you're really scared to play with setting powder because you have dry skin.

If anything, it's made me dip my toes into the powder game again, and now I don't feel so terrified to use these kinds of formulas. 

I think with the right skincare prep under my eyes (lots and lots of hydration), there's definitely something in this technique — so I'll be trying it again!

Would you try this concealer hack? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@rachel_de_oliveira.

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