Married At First Sight's Erin Bateman shared a photo of her feet and we can't look away.

Well here’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

We can’t stop looking at Erin Bateman‘s flaky feet.

The Married At First Sight contestant did the ‘Milky Foot’ treatment overnight and shared the results in all their dead-skinned glory on her Instagram story.

“Milky Update: If you don’t like feet, don’t look at the next post,” she warned on a picture of her feet in the socks.

Image: Instagram/@erinbateman_

Next came a close up shot of her peeling feet.

"I wanna vom but at the same time I secretly love it," she wrote.

Image: Instagram/@erinbateman_

Available at most pharmacies for about $30, the at-home peeling treatment promises milky-soft baby feet in a matter of days.

You simply put your feet in what looks and feels like a pair of wet socks for an hour, then over the next few days the mix of Exmilc, manaelic and amino acids and AHAs and BHAs will remove the hard skin, soften cracks and callouses, and moisturise the feet.

The results aren't for the fainthearted though. While the first few days are slow, you'll suddenly find what feels like your entire foot shedding its skin.


A Mamamia writer who has previously tried the treatment said nothing happened until day four, when she noticed a blistery-ball of dead skin. The next day she woke up the bottom of her foot lifting off.

"It is repulsive and fascinating. There's no pain though. I decide to start exfoliating my feet to help the process along and discovered pretty soon that this is a job best left to the shower. It's at this point I can no longer hide it from my husband. He is also repulsed and fascinated," she wrote.

While the results are dramatic, the treatment doesn't hurt but the feeling is strange with some describing it as "like having loose skin bags tied to your feet".



The shedding phase of using milky foot. #milkyfoot#pedicure#smoothskin

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The end result does give the smooth feet feel you'd get after a pedicure at the salon but arguably the best (or worst, depending on your preferences) is the peeling process pictures.

If you find it as repulsively addictive as we do, check out the hashtag #milkyfoot on Instagram for more viewing pleasure.