We tried one of those hectic foot-peeling treatments. Here's what happened.

Last week a friend of mine told me about a new product she tried which promised “baby soft feet”, without the need for a pedicure. “Great!” I thought. I’ll be able to get gorgeous feet without the awkward conversation and constant apologies to the nail lady for forgetting to shave my legs.

So what is it? The product that she was talking about is called Milky Foot, which, according to its website, is “a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment which uses Exmilc and Manaelic acid as well as AHAs, BHAs and amino acids to remove hardened skin, soften cracks and callouses and moisture the feet.”

While my friend warned me that my feet were likely to undertake an almost gruesome transformation before coming good, my quest for foot model feet encouraged me to surge forward with boundless optimism.

There’s other brands too, like Baby Foot, and they all do the same thing.

Want to take a look at the several stages of my foot-peeling transformation. Here you go! A warning? Those of you eating might want to look away, it’s fairly confronting.


Day One

After a fruitful trip to the chemist (where by I went in for one thing and came out with 10) I arrived home eager to get under way. If you want to do it yourself, you can currently buy Baby Foot on sale for under 20 bucks.

I removed the product from the packet and was intrigued. The instructions told me to pop the plastic booties on underneath regular socks, so that’s what I did. The feeling was frankly, a bit weird. It didn’t smell or anything but the socks are wet and feel like your walking on squished eels. As advised I left the socks on for an hour and rinsed my coated hooves under the shower.

Before you start your journey, I would recommend washing your hands after putting on the socks. I didn’t and for the next week my thumb looked like it had some weird tropical disease because it too was treated to some ‘intense peeling’.

Day Two

No update. Patience is not my strong point. Sandals are still a socially acceptable footwear choice.

Day Three

No update. By this stage I’m starting to question the effectiveness of Milky Foot. I thought it was meant to do it’s thing by now. What a crock. I spend an embarrassing amount of time studying my feet for any sign of it working but alas, just normal feet.

Day Four.

It begins. There’s a slight blistery looking thing on the balls of both feet. I resist the urge to rub or exfoliate it off but am filled with a morbid curiosity/fear of what’s about to happen to me. I feel as though the time has come to bring out closed shoes, simply because I don’t know how to explain my situation to other people. I assume their reaction would be something like this:


Day Five

I wake up to the whole bottom of my foot looking like it's lifting off. It is repulsive and fascinating. There's no pain though. I decide to start exfoliating my feet to help the process along and discover pretty soon that this is a job best left to the shower. It's at this point I can no longer hide it from my husband. He is also repulsed and fascinated.

During the day I noticed that the peeling sensation is getting worse. It's like having loose skin bags tied to your feet and I have no doubt I have left skin all over the city.

Day Six

For a three day treatment this sure is sticking around. Day six and the peeling continues. It has now taken over my toes and ankles which is disturbing and gross.

Day Seven

From this time on I'd say the peeling is starting to get better. It definitely wasn't the three day process I had in mind.

By about day nine or 10 it seems they are done. The end result is actually pretty good. My feet feel soft and rejuvenated. I'd recommend doing the treatment at least two weeks before a big event if you're going to embark on your own Milky Foot experience because my experience was a little different to what's stated on the instructions.

Would I do it again? Uh, probably not. In they end my feet are nice and smooth but it was a traumatic, fascinating and disgusting journey to get there. A trip to the salon is a much easier process.

If you're game, you can buy Baby Foot here (and it's on sale).

What's the most traumatic beauty treatment you've endured? Tell us in the comments!