The winners of House Rules 2018 have been announced after a nail-biting finale.

After weeks of renovating action (and just a touch of drama) the winners of House Rules for 2018 have been crowned.

In the finale episode it came down to Dairy Farmers Toad and Mandy and ultra competitive couple Mel and Dave , with Toad and Mandy coming out on top and snagging the  $355,000 prize money.

The teams made over each other’s front yard in just four days, guided by five all-important House Rules.

After finishing the four-day build, Toad said to Mandy: “I don’t think we could have done another thing babe.”

Mel was in tears after the renovation replied, “No matter what happens, we are so proud to have achieved that in just four days for Toad & Mandy’s forever home.”

As Johanna welcomed the Grand Final teams into the studio, Toad said: “Being away from our kids, our family and our jobs for such a long time, I don’t think there’s any point half doing something so we just wanted to push on,” he admitted while trying not to cry.

Mel and Dave were emotional as Mel said: “Dave’s worked away for 10 years, we’ve been together for 15, we have two little men now and we want to give them the time they deserve with Dave.”

Of his competitors, Dave said: “We couldn’t be standing next to two better people tonight.”

Even before the finale kicked off, fans were expecting things to get a little bit heated.


All because Toad and Mandy had accused of Mel and Dave of bending the rules and playing an unfair game in the lead-up to the big final showdown.

“There are House Rules and Mel and Dave’s rules,” Toad told New Idea.

“They would bend the rules to try and make it suit themselves, they didn’t play fair at times. They thought more about themselves than the homeowner,” he added.

“Mandy and I played fair, we tried to think about the homeowner, and we got the better results.”

House Rules Grand Finalists Toad and Mandy and Mel and Dave. Source: Channel Seven.

In the end it all came down to one point between the two winning couples, with shouts of joy all-round as host Johanna Griggs announced that Toad and Mandy had scored a nine and therefore won the competition by a hair.