A buff footballer comforting a cute crying child...shameless swoon.

Because we all need to hear some good news this week.

This is Adelaide Crows captain Taylor ‘Tex’ Walker.

He is 24-years-old, 194cm tall, and 100 per cent our favourite man of the week (now that we’re over that whole Scott Eastwood situation).

You might want to avert your eyes right about now, because this photo of the buff footy player comforting a tiny crying child is almost too much:

hot men with kids
The magical moment. Image via Getty.


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The photo was taken just before the Crows’ game against North Melbourne at Adelaide Oval last Sunday.

The little girl – a team mascot – burst into tears after being scared by loud fireworks just before she was supposed to lead the team onto the field.

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Then Taylor Walker came to the rescue.

But this moment fixes everything. Ever.

Walker comforted her and walked onto the field holding her hand. Swoon.

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This story got the whole office talking about other famous examples of adorable men being adorable with tiny, adorable children.

Remember these?

1. Single dad goes to beauty school to learn how to do his daughter’s hair.

US dad Greg Wickherst is the primary carer of his young daughter, Izzy – so he enrolled in a beauty course to learn how to do her hair.

Greg and Izzy.

And he nailed it:

Some of Greg’s creations.

2. Prince Harry interacting with any child, ever.

Ah, Prince Harry. So cheeky, yet so adorable.

hot men with kids
Prince Harry in Lesotho during a visit for his charity, Sentebale. Image via Getty.

These photos were taken during a trip to Lesotho for his charity, Sentebale.

hot men with kids
SIgh. Image via Getty.

3. The awesome dad who dressed up as Elsa.

This bearded British tattoo artist shed his tough-guy image and dressed up as Elsa to accompany his daughter (dressed as Olaf) to a Frozen sing-a-long.

Image via Twitter.

4. Barack Obama hosting the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

See? Even Presidents like Easter egg hunts. And Where The Wild Things Are.

hot men with kids
Image via Getty.

 5. Maroon 5.

Christopher Warner, a 10-year-old with Down syndrome, is Maroon 5‘s biggest fan. When he met the band last month, he had a panic attack- so the entire band lay down on the floor with him to calm him down.

Image via Instagram @kaneshow

6. Every soccer game, ever.

Is there anything cuter than when soccer players take to the field with little soccer-loving kids before a game? No. No there is not.

hot men with kids
Image via Getty.

7. This absolute legend of a hockey player.

Look at the little guy’s face. His hero, hockey player Jordin Tootoo, passed him his hockey stick last year, and pretty much made his year, if not his life.

Have we missed any other examples?