Share Your Space: A 40yo from Melbourne with an 'office oasis' lets us inside her home.

Mamamia's new series 'Share Your Space' asks everyday women to share all the juicy, specific details about their home. How much do you pay in rent? Who do you live with? Where did you get your furniture? It's pulling back the curtain on real estate in Australia, and allowing us to really see how the people around us live.This week, a 40-year-old living in Melbourne shows us around her home. 

Name: Michelle 

Age: 40 (holy crap)

Where I live: Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Why I live there: I live here as this is where my husband lived when we met and then we bought the house. I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand 16 years ago but those reasons were more about partying and more money. I lived in Richmond and Northcote and moved out here eight years ago.

Who I live with: My husband and I own our house and share it with our dogs. So we pay loads of money to the bank for the privilege. Thanks bank.

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A look inside my home.


My favourite space in my home.

My office, because it is solely my space. I'm spending a lot of time in here in Lockdown 2.0! We ARE renovating at the moment so this is kind of my oasis. I have my desk, my bookcase with my books and some travel knick knacks and a rug for my dogs, plus a lovely big reading chair.

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My favourite savey buy for my home.


My cushion made by lovely friend Peter which reminds me of a splendid holiday to Sri Lanka in 2019. 

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My favourite spendy buy for my home.


I bought a Beatles Poster from the Etsy store, Mr Mustard, and then had it framed. It cost a bit! I haven't put it on the wall yet as we have just repainted (#bloodyrenos). But I love it so much.

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My outdoor area.

We have a large garden and a patio which is a) a mess because melbourne winter, and b) covered in reno detritus. 


My favourite home storage hack. 

Bookcases bookcases bookcases!

More about my home.

It will be awesome once we finish it!

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