Why you shouldn't clean your chopping boards with dishwashing liquid.

It seems like common sense to wash your chopping boards as you would wash anything else in your kitchen. Dish-washing detergent, lots of bubbles, hot water and a drying rack.

Not so, according to the experts.

The publication Expert Home Tips has released a list of the things we are cleaning incorrectly. Chopping boards, toilet bowls and glass windows are all included.

The most concerning (concerning in the way I’ve clearly been doing it very wrong my entire life) is the chopping board.

We've been cleaning chopping boards all wrong. Image via iStock .

"Raw meat contains harmful bacteria that presents a risk to our health. These germs are easily transferred onto our chopping boards," the list from Expert Home Tips reads.

"Washing up liquid may do a great job on greasy pots and pans that have contained cooked food, but for the cold surface of our chopping boards, something stronger is required."

The publication recommends soaking chopping boards in bleach after every use. It's a more thorough and efficient way to kill the germs and bacteria transferred from raw meats and fish onto the boards' surfaces.

Tips from interior design queen Shaynna Blaze. Post continues below.

As well as this, readers are discouraged from washing glass windows on a hot sunny day because "the sun will evaporate the water and cleaning solution before you’ve had time to finish and you’ll be left with streaks and cleaning product build-up".

We're meant to allow toilet cleaner to settle in the loo's base before flushing, to better kill the germs resting there.

And, on occasions, it's best not to be too quick to make your bed. Leaving it unmade can help air out the sheets and kill off the bacteria and mites residing in the fabric. What better excuse could possibly exist?

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