QUIZ: What type of Instagram holiday person are you?

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When it comes to travel, a philosophical question has emerged in recent years: If you go on a holiday and don’t take dozens of photos to share with everyone you’ve ever met, did you ever really go at all?

If Instagram is anything to go by, it would appear holidays don’t actually exist unless you post all the photos for your friends and family to see. There are some staples, obviously, like the photo under the Departures sign at the airport, the photo once you board the plane (or get your first champagne in business class… HOW), and the endless images of sunsets and cocktails and beaches.

But depending on your personality, you’re a very specific type of holiday Instagrammer.

There are those who spam their followers with the most jealousy-inducing photos imaginable, and the ‘ghosts’ who don’t personally appear in their posts, because they’re just not the selfie type. There’s also the clothing-optional traveller, who, if my feed is anything to go by, seems to be becoming more and more common.

So what type of holiday Instagrammer are you?

Take this quiz to find out!


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