7 telltale signs you’re living in a hipster home.


Take a look around your home, do you have a tv? How about comfortable furniture? Is your rug from ikea and not a vintage kilim rug made from Mongolian alpacas? Did you choose a dvd player over a vinyl record player?

If you answered yes to all four questions, sadly, it’s looks like you’re not living in a hipster home. In fact your place sounds a little too mainstream, so here are 7 types of hipster home decor you can use to give it a makeover.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by CATC Design School. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

1. Macrame plant hangers

As hipsters adopt cool and ironic items of nostalgia, commercial retailers pick up on the trend and on-sell them to the rest of us. Case in point: macrame plant hangers. You would’ve scoffed at your parent’s hanging ferns growing up in the 70s and 80s but now? Totally hipster – in a good way.

2. Weave art

Similarly to macrame, it’s possible your mum or nan had one of these chunky contraptions hanging in the entrance hallway for all to admire. And guess what, it’s time to raid your mum’s attic for that crappy weave art you did in Year 8 Craft because this time-old handicraft is back. Or better still just buy one and pretend you did it in Year 8 Craft – you’ll get more street cred for the neon colour palette that demonstrates you were way ahead of your time, even as a 13-year-old.


3. Terrariums

If your place is pet-friendly go to the pet shop immediately and pick up a French bulldog. Pick up bonus points if you name it after an obscure French philosopher. If your landlord frowns upon our feathered-friends the next best thing is a terrarium. Make that a dodecahedron or light-bulb terrarium.

4. Ambiguous posters.

Remember those awful motivational posters from the 90s that were supposed to be inspiring and aspirational but were just generic and ended up being sold in two dollar stores? There are hipster versions and the more ambiguous the message, the better. Better still track down one of the original ‘Ambition’ posters and display it ironically.

5. Fancy coffee machines

The at-home capsule machines are basically the enemy of the artesian-coffee drinking hipster. And don’t even mention instant coffee in their presence. In the US, the drip coffee machine market has gone up a notch in a scientific kind of way. You want something not unlike Beaker & Bunsen, the scientists in the Muppets would use.


6. Fake animal heads

A real hipster wouldn’t be caught dead on a hunting ground, we can only assume that if a hipster falls over in a forest, the only way we’d know about it was if it was uploaded to Instagram.

7. Retro game console

What better way to impress your friends but to challenge them to an impromptu Mario Cart/Pac-man duel on your vintage Atari?


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