Hipster food trends have gone too far.

There is a rumbling at local cafes and it’s not coming from out stomachs.

A movement is building within the online community rejecting the food trends that have seen plates swapped for boards, cups for jars and seats for crates.

It’s the #wewantplates campaign and it’s being served straight up to every cafe that offers a $5.50 tumeric soy latte with half a teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of splenda and a whole other cup of shut up.

A Twitter account has been created that alerts all 109,000 of its followers to cafes, publications and meals that have taken food trends too far.

Food trends may be pushing prices (because sprinkling maca on things is expensive – whatever maca is) but they can also work in the reverse.

The cereal cafe in Melbourne is one example of hipsterism that has devolved the food industry back to basics.

The cafe offers several types of classic varieties alongside some other breakfast foods such as sprinke-infused waffles.

We want our plates back and we want them for toast with avo and maybe an egg that doesn’t tell you at what temperature it was cooked.

Maybe a bowl of rice bubbles too.

Feature image via @indiegirl101.