Why a Hillary Clinton presidency could have been worse than Trump.

Every time Donald Trump tweets an incoherent, capital letter riddled outburst or offends another minority group, it’s easy to romanticise what life would be like if Hillary Clinton was in the White House.

But would it be as perfect as we all dream it would be?

Speaking to Mia Freedman on Mamamia’s political podcast Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK, host of ABC’s Planet America, Chas Licciardello, thinks the rose-coloured view of a Clinton Presidency ignores where America was headed and how difficult it would have been for another Democratic President to get anything done.

Listen: Chas Liciardello breaks down all the reasons President Clinton would have been a disaster, and just why we need not worry so much about Trump. (Post continues after audio…)

“If Hillary Clinton had been President… America was headed for trouble,” Chas told Mia Freedman on this weeks episode of Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK.

The final three years of Obama’s Presidency was marred by an uncooperative Congress and if the Republicans didn’t get the person they wanted in the White House things were only going to get worse.

According to Chas, the direst of these consequences would have been the Republicans refusing to pass the debt ceiling; a decision that would have led to a global catastrophe.

“If America had hit the debt ceiling it would have been a worldwide recession, possibly depression.   That’s the way American politics was going [with Hillary Clinton]…to a very bad area.”

So, maybe Trump’s not so bad after all?

You can listen to Mia and Chas’ conversation on the full episode of Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK, below.