There was a bit of hidden tension behind the scenes of Hilary Duff's gender reveal.


In a rare move, Younger actor Hilary Duff, who is expecting her second child with boyfriend Matthew Koma, has admitted to being concerned at her gender reveal ceremony about the sex of her unborn child.

Gender preference is not something which expectant parents usually announce publicly, but Duff was candid about her feelings when she spoke on the On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show on June 12.

Speaking about the gender reveal day, Duff said:

“We had close family and friends over and you have to talk to her doctor [before] and then the doctor gives you the results and then we ordered these really cute confetti cannons on Etsy. They look like smoke, but it’s powder and some confetti and you twist them … It sounds so silly because it’s kind of childish, but it’s so exciting.”

The actor added that despite the joy of the occasion, she was a little apprehensive about the potential outcome.

“I was so nervous beforehand because I thought for sure I was going to have a boy,” she explained. “I have a boy already, which would have been great, and I’m obsessed with Luca, but I just wanted one of each.”


Of course, Duff simply wants a healthy baby, so she did admit, “It was funny that I cared so much.”

Duff further explained her desire: “My sister has girls and I feel like I’m really girly. But obviously for the past six years, I’ve bought, like, monsters and trucks and planes. Luca is into all the boy stuff, so everything is blue and green. I was just ready for pink and purple stuff. I’m so excited. It’s really fun.”

It’s a feeling that many parents will relate to, but not a common one for them to express, usually deferring to the standard answer of simply wanting a healthy baby, with no gender expectation.

Duff’s candid admission was not met with universal support. Some on social media commented that it was in “poor taste” for Duff to express her concern about gender, considering how many women struggle with fertility.

However, Duff was simply admitting her truth about her anxiety on the day, and why the final reveal was meaningful to her for a very personal reason.