We have some very pressing questions about this swimsuit's high-cut V.


2019 has delivered some questionable trends, but none is more confusing than dental floss swimwear. Because chafing. And wedgies.

You see, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy bathers that have coverage. Which feels like a fundamental thing any swimsuit should provide. But no.

Less coverage = more trend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

high cut bikini

Topshop is the latest brand to provide us with a version of the high-cut cossie, which seems to ignore the very existence of female genitalia.

They have released a swimsuit with a V that goes as high as the breast area, patterned with zebras and oranges. It’s a lot to take in.


And it can be yours for the sweet price of $75.

high cut bikini
This is... a lot. Image: Topshop.

The people of the internet, of course, have concerns. And questions. Many questions.

As journalist Eleanor Turney eloquently posed: "What the everlasting f*** is this?"

And she isn't the only one with some very pressing questions. With most people asking: How? But also, why?







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