Friday's news in 2 minutes.

The Higgs Boson.

1. Scientists may just have uncovered the universe this week, saying that they have discovered to so-called ‘God Particle‘ (also referred to as a Higgs boson). The Higgs boson is expected to allow physicists to better explain what gives matter its shape and understand the nature of the Big Bang. (To read more about it, go here.)

2. Australia will begin a clinical trial of electronic cigarettes this year. E-cigarettes are designed to help smoking addicts to quit by simulating the effects of smoking. The battery-powered devices create nicotine vapour, without producing smoke or ash.

3. Pope Francis seems determined to prove himself as a true man of the people. He jumped on the Cardinal bus after his election and chatted to Catholics in church the next morning and… stopped to pay his hotel bill before leaving. Pope Francis is now drawing praise from across the world for not doing a runner.

Shane Watson with his wife

4. A Chicago woman is suing fast food mega-chain McDonalds on behalf of her two sons, (aged 3 and 2 at the time) after one of them allegedly found and ate a used condom in the playground area of one of the restaurants. The boy who allegedly ate the condom, coughed it up immediately and the children required medical attention after the incident.

5. Australia’s cricket vice captain, Shane Watson, who was dumped from the side earlier this week has some very good news to console himself with. He and wife Lee have welcomed a baby boy, Will into their family.

6. A Government adviser has accused the Prime Minister of using dodgy figures to back up her claims that the temporary work visa (457) is being rorted. Ms Gillard told the ACTU this week that overseas worker numbers were up 20 per cent, compared to employment growth for domestic workers of only 1 per cent.

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