This movie trailer is so horrifying, film critics are afraid to watch it.

Oh boy.

Turn on all the lights and check under the bed because the trailer for Hereditary has just dropped.

The horror flick received its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival’s Midnight section earlier this week, and critics are already calling it the scariest film they’ve watched in years.

The movie, which stars Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne, is truly spine-tingling stuff.

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It follows the Grahams, a family who begin to unravel after their grandmother, the matriarch of the family, dies.

Her daughter Annie (played by Collette) suspects a presence has been left behind and believes it has an unsettling fascination with her teenage daughter, Charlie (Milly Shapiro).

As Annie and her husband, Steve (Byrne), start to dig deeper into their ancestry, they begin to fear the darkness they may have inherited.

Then things, of course, get really freakin’ terrifying.

Even though it’s only January, the critics are calling Hereditary the scariest movie of 2018 – and it already has a 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


“It’s pure emotional terrorism, gripping you with real horror, the unspeakable kind, and then imbuing the supernatural stuff with those feelings,”critic AA Dowd wrote for the AV Club. “It didn’t play me like a fiddle. It slammed on my insides like a grand piano.”

Thrillist added: “The screams in the theatre were almost as frightening as what was on screen.”

USA Today called it “the most insane horror movie in years”, adding “if you’d ever like to sleep again, then you should probably steer clear of A24’s latest horror offering”.

While Timeout’s Joshua Rothkopf called it “a new generation’s The Exorcist“.

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The movie’s first trailer gives us just a glimpse of what’s in store and it’s pretty damn haunting.

We’d recommend watching it in the middle of the day, while you’re surrounded by other non-demonic presences.

Hereditary will be out in Australian cinemas later this year.

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