If you needed another reason to love Helen Mirren, here's three.





Today, you’ve probably been going about your business without thinking about Helen Mirren.

That is a mistake.

Helen Mirren has spent the past 48 hours or so being even more spectacular than usual. So, you know, start thinking thoughts like “Helen Mirren, man. What a woman!” and “That Helen Mirren is a stone cold fox. Wish she was my best friend.” That kind of thing.

Here you go – the three brilliant things Dame Mirren has done to make today unofficial Helen Mirren Appreciation Day.

1. This “Mirren Mirren on the wall” sketch.

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show, The Miz (nobody calls her that, we made it up) talked about royal spankings, 50 Shades of Grey, and her favourite movie. 

It’s a little bit heaven.


2. This “pointing at the Queen of England” moment.

Yes the actual Queen of England.


Helen Mirren cannot remember why she was pointing at Queen Elizabeth in such a way, but her husband says it looks like she’s saying “You naughty, naughty Queen — where is your crown?”

3. This “twerking” video.

The 69-year-old actress first made the world aware of her impressive twerking skills earlier this year while accepting Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Award. She wasn’t shy to show them off again on US talk show Live! With Kelly and Michael.


More Helen Mirren this way…