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The heating tweak that could save you hundreds on your electricity bill.

Time to practice your Game of Thrones references, Australia, because WINTER HAS COME.

Okay, okay, so it's technically tomorrow, but chances are you've already retrieved your trusty heater from its dusty home in the cupboard under the stairs.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's a big mistake. Huge, apparently.

According to research by Finder, there's a much, much cheaper alternative that'll keep you toasty without (literally) burning through your pay cheque.

Drum roll, please...

An electric blanket.

The blanket has it. (Image: Universal Pictures)

Your beloved heater could be costing you 16 times what you'd be paying if you relied on an electric blankie for warmth instead, reports.

Just for emphasis: SIXTEEN TIMES.

The findings suggest a 2400 watt heater used for five hours a day will cost you $3 per day, whereas a heated blanket is just 19 cents per day.

By the time winter's over, heater households will be looking at a $280 total, while the blankie devotee will be forking out just $17.

Listen: This super-snuggly dressing gown will keep you toasty all winter. (Post continues after audio.)

If you need any further incentive to jump on the blanket bandwagon, Energy Australia explains that because the items are highly effective, they don't require much running time to achieve their objective (i.e. keeping you snug as a bug).

Now, you're probably sitting there thinking, 'But electric blankets are only useful when it's bed time...?'

That's a fair point. However, these days you can buy heated throw blankets for those evenings when you're bundled up on the lounge with your family/housemates. Here's one available at Kmart for $39.

Do with this information what you will. And remember, if you want to be really thrifty this winter, a hot water bottle goes a long way too.