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1. MAFS’ Hayley Vernon is convinced COVID-19 is a giant conspiracy. And, please.

Well. Just when you thought this season of Married At First Sight could not get any more unpredictable, one of the contestants has just alleged that the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 27,000 people at the time of reporting, is a “set up by the elite”.

Riiiiighhht. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Corona what- a set up by the elite,” MAFS contestant Hayley Vernon posted to her Instagram in a bizarre post.

“Stage a world crisis

“Create panic and fear

“Crash the global economy

“Create dependency in the government

“Declare martial law,” she wrote to her 53,000 followers.

“Aim- one world government and a world currency.. look at the facts what is happening forget e writhing [sic] that you have been taught- open your eyes- this is not just a illness this is a way to whip and align the masses and to take your freedom your choices out of your hands [sic],” Hayley concluded her rant.

The reality star was, of course, slammed by fans who condemned her for using her platform to advance a conspiracy theory that has no grounding in fact.


“As someone who is at high risk, saying these things is causing people to not take this virus seriously,” one person commented. “It also causes people to not trust medical workers and refuse to get treatment, which could likely end in death. Please stop.”

“Really? Have you researched this? Or have you just seen a controversial piece and posted it,” another wrote.

2. Hamish Blake wants to join your Zoom hangout.

If you are working for home right now, you are more than likely using Zoom — the app that allows us to video chat with colleagues and basically speak over the top of one another.

But do be careful, Australians. Because you might just find one Hamish Blake joining your group chat.

The Aussie comedian, like the rest of us, is bored while in self-isolation. And has decided the best way to amuse himself is to join other people’s Zoom conversations.

First up, he decided to drop on on a UniSA tutorial, asking questions like, “when’s the exam?” and “maybe everyone should just get Bs.”

He’s keen to join yours, too.

“Send me your zoom meeting ID and a time and I’ll try to swing past for a bit,” Blake wrote. “DM me over the weekend for meetings and classes next week.


“We’re all in this together guys so let’s really get down to work and learn some stuff and do some good meetings.”

Good meetings? Better meetings, maybe.

3. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are sending cash to people affected by COVID-19.

Two of America’s biggest pop stars have been helping out their fans during the COVID-19 pandemic by sending money to some that have been hit particularly hard.

Image: Getty.

Over the past week, Ariana Grande had fans inboxing her on social media, explaining how coronavirus has left them struggling to pay bills or without jobs.

And out of the goodness of her heart, she reportedly transferred money to a select few.

Several sources told TMZ that Grande fans had received Venmo payments ranging from $500 to $1,500 from the singer.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that Swift gave one struggling fan $3,000.


4. Courteney Cox doesn’t remember being on Friends.

So imagine you star on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and then don't even remember being on it?

Well, that happened to Courteney Cox.


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Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Friends star admitted to having no recollection of playing Monica.

During Kimmel's "Quarantine Minilogue" segment, she said, "I don't even remember being on the show. I have such a bad memory!"

When obviously confused, Kimmel insisted that Cox elaborate and she said, “I remember, obviously, loving everybody there and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there, but I don’t remember episodes! I would never pass, I’d fail every test!”

“Do you even remember your character’s name?” Kimmel responded.


And Cox replied, “Yes, it’s Monica. I do know that."


The Friends cast were scheduled to film their unscripted reunion special this week, which was set to air in May for the launch of the new streaming service, HBO Max. However, due to the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be put on hold indefinitely.


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It’s happening... @hbomax @jenniferaniston @lisakudrow @mleblanc @mattyperry4 @_schwim_

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5. Tom Hanks is fine now, you guys.

Thank goodness. The nicest man in Hollywood has returned to Los Angeles safe and sound.

After sharing the news with all of us that both Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson had tested positive for coronavirus, the couple spent the past two weeks recovering from the virus here in Brisbane, Australia.


However, new photos show the couple smiling as they arrive home in the United States, one week after being released from the hospital.

Hanks, who was here filming Baz Luhrmann's Elvis Presley biopic contracted the virus either on his way over or whilst here in Australia, however, nothing has been confirmed.

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