Has this killed Lara Bingle's career?

Lara Bingle

When Lara Bingle’s new show Being Lara Bingle first premiered, it drew in nearly one million viewers.

The show was supposed to give an insight into the “real” life of the 24-year-old model who’s name is synonymous with the word ‘nude’, has made headlines for her past relationship with Australian cricketer Michael Clarke and her role in the now infamous “where the bloody hell are you?” Tourism Australia campaign.

But three weeks later, is anyone still watching?

Apparently not. The second episode of Being Lara Bingle averaged 782,000 viewers. Last week just 684,000 people tuned in nationally.

So what’s going on? Has reality TV killed Lara Bingle‘s career? reports:

And it’s not just viewers switching off to the glamour’s brand. One major celebrity agent said fashion labels would also be forced to reconsider aligning themselves with Bingle, who is due to appear at Waverley Local Court this Tuesday after allegedly hitting a motorcyclist and driving on a suspended licence in Bondi in May.

“We’ve pulled the curtains back on Lara and what you see is not pretty. It has exposed her and she’s no longer an enigma. We now know what drives her and that’s not a lot,” the leading agent, who asked not to be named, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“She’s not intelligent, she’s fumbling from one episode to the next and I think that would turn a lot of companies off. They’d think, ‘Well what are we aligning ourselves with? We’re aligning ourselves with someone who is a bogan’.

Are you watching?

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