2018's biggest wedding flower trend is next level (literally).

The latest wedding flower trend for 2018 has landed and it’s next level. Literally.

According to wedding website Wedded Wonderland, one of the biggest styling trends for the year will be hanging floral globes.

Think ‘globes’ of carefully put together flower balls that seem to float from the sky.


Oh. You…you were just going to put them in a vase on the table? No, no, no.

As if wedding flowers weren’t expensive enough (anyone planning a wedding will tell you how suddenly tempting it becomes to just nick them from your neighbour’s backyard) now you’ve got to find someone or pay extra to have them balled, arranged and suspended.

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This is not one for the fainthearted.

The particular decorations in the photos below were dubbed “constellation bouquets” and done by wedding stylist Roni Bassil for a wedding in Dubai.

While they may be at the, erm, extreme end of the styling scale, suspended flowers from the ceiling have been gaining momentum over the last few years.

For an ever so slightly achievable take on the trend, consider single flowers or garlands over fixed suspensions.