"Hamish Blake's Wife" has her own name. Also? It's 2016.

I don’t usually like doing stories that ping other media organisations but sometimes you’ve just got to say something.

Take a look at the homepage of the Sydney Morning Herald today:

Apparently, someone called "Hamish Blake's wife" has written a book that's been made into a TV show that premieres tonight.

A little bit of digging (THANKS GOOGLE!) reveals the fact that "Hamish Blake's wife" also has a name of her very own. It's Zoé Foster Blake, and not only is she the author of six best-selling books (so far), she has her own skincare company called Go-To skincare and an enormous, devoted fan base of her very own.

Come on, you guys — we're calling this out for the sexist bollocks it is. You should know better.

Zoé and Hamish have both responded to the headline in their typical hilarious style:

Zoé is an accomplished, self-made woman in her own right, and has been since long before she married anyone. She's proud of her husband, proud of her son, loves being a wife and loves being a mother.

But first and foremost she is a person not an appendage. Kindly refer to her as such.


Mia xx

Speaking of the brilliant Zoé Foster Blake, you can listen to our TV podcast The Binge discussing the new show inspired by her book The Wrong Girl here.