Hamish Blake on the one money lesson he's teaching his kids.

Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake have done incredible things throughout their respective careers.

It's led them to become self-made multi-millionaires, a topic they rarely discuss.

But on Mamamia's No Filter, Blake notes to Mia Freedman that making sure their two kids know the value of money is of great importance to them as parents. Especially considering Blake and Foster Blake didn't grow up in wealthy families. 

Listen to Mia Freedman's interview with Hamish Blake below...

"I always really liked Jerry Seinfeld's quote. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars from Seinfeld, but he grew up sleeping on couches and stuff trying to be a comedian," says Blake. 

"His quote to his kids was 'I have lots of money. You guys don't have any money. You have to figure it out and you have to get there'."

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Video via Channel 9.

"It is a funny joke, but it is kind of a good way to look at it," notes Hamish.


"I wasn't really taught anything about money. You grow up knowing about money from whatever your environment was. I didn't get that specific lesson. There's things we'll be able to do but they start from that point."

There's one piece of advice Blake received from his grandfather that he still thinks about often. The golden advice was this - you've got to make your life so that you have way more fun earning your money than spending it.

"Create an adventure. Solve interesting problems. Whatever money will then ebb and flow around it. He was a farmer, and he ended up being successful. But he wasn't doing it for money - he didn't care about money. He was doing it because he liked working with his mates, and farming."

With this in mind, Blake says he hopes his two kids - son Sonny, nine, and daughter Rudy, six - choose careers that keep them fulfilled, and financially stable. But it's the fulfillment he really wants for them.

"That will be my lesson for the kids - make sure you have more fun making your money than spending it," he says.

"I know we're privileged, and I'll make sure they know they understand that as they grow up. I want them to be grateful but also know [that money] has no bearing on whether someone is a good person or not. That's not what we care about in our family - we care about who someone is rather than what they've got."

Feature Image: Instagram @hamishblakeshotz.

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