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di_p April 15, 2024

How awful. I’m so sorry about what happened to your friend.

di_p March 23, 2024

From living in housing commission to killing it in media and now going to Oxford - amazing!

di_p February 7, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 at this level of wealth I think any changes can be significantly mitigated and managed

di_p January 28, 2024

I would love to try this with my kids and know it would be good for them but I just can’t stand the idea of them walking around in crinkled and/or dirty clothes. I know this says more about my than anyone who uses this method!

di_p January 22, 2024

10 year old don’t need to dabble in serums or use hydration masks… and no it’s not our job to encourage tweens to use totally unnecessary products and get them on the skincare treadmill from such a young age. 

di_p November 3, 2023

@sarah  sadly, all they are doing is creating future generations of hamas terrorists with even more resolve to attack Israel - not to mention creating horrific generational trauma of the millions of Gazans who manage to get out of this alive 

di_p November 3, 2023

I’ve observed this sock rule for years now. Still wearing my ‘no show’ socks and don’t care that it marks me as millennial - just one of the many benefits of being in an ‘older’ generation 😉

di_p November 1, 2023

Excellent advice

I was this person just a few years ago 

It’s taken a lot of hard conversations and false starts, but with my kids now in school, my husband gets it. We now both go to the gym, I have book club, he does weekend bike rides, and we fit in family time together. Life is SO much better. 

I have friends who are still in that same unbalanced and resentful cycle - it doesn’t have to be this way 

di_p October 24, 2023

Having kids is the biggest risk you’ll take! Because you have no idea how you’ll feel until you have them and  you can’t change it once they’re here…

I’m very grateful that I felt a rush of love for both my kids from the moment I saw them - BUT it was just a stroke of luck. I have to admit I was worried that I wouldn’t as I was on the fence about even having kids and can see how easily it could have gone the other way. 

I feel for parents that feel regret, and hope they get support they need to feel at peace with their lives. 

di_p October 15, 2023

I read this is and can’t help but see the authors self limiting beliefs reflected in the article. 

There are countless examples of women having babies and a career, and yes, even in the tech/corporate work (in which I have also worked).  

If an investor or employer is going to treat you differently, then they aren’t the right fit for you anyway. 

di_p October 3, 2023

I absolutely love his grandfathers advice! 

As someone who grew up with migrant parents who drummed home ‘take the safe route’, I made choices based on fear and lack and self limiting beliefs for too long -  I can only wish I had this influence growing up.

Will be trying to pass this on to the kids 🙂

di_p August 8, 2023

@brisbane mum complete agree. I also really disliked how this section was introduced on the podcast with the ladies making fun of how they don’t get numbers/maths. It’s a very tired ‘trope’ that we really don’t need to be perpetuating in 2023.

di_p July 31, 2023

I remember backpacking in the mid 2000s and hearing females from all over the world raving about this movie. 

When I finally returned home and watched it and really didn’t get the hype. I didn’t have the words for it then but it seems they’re all in this article! It’s the recap we never knew we needed 😉

di_p July 16, 2023

@amandad me too - we call it a snack plate 🙂

di_p June 23, 2023

She looks amazing. I can’t help but wonder how warped her body image was/is it looking like this has caused her so much angst.

di_p June 19, 2023

@ejay I thought same too. Most of the stories we hear of people who ‘made it’ then chose to step back, which makes it a lot easier than making a change before reaching that level of conventional success.

di_p June 13, 2023

I had HG for my entire pregnancy for my second. If that happened first time around, I wouldn’t have gone back for another.

It was the longest 7 months (it kicked in at 7 weeks) of my life. Then there was the snowball effect it had on my mental and physical health, not to mention relationship with my husband and first born, was massive - it changed so much. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

di_p May 31, 2023

@goldie locks often they aren’t to blame, but sometimes the woman is partly to blame because they keep letting it happen and would rather avoid confrontation. Sometimes things need to be spelled out to improve them.

di_p May 31, 2023

@carlz same here! I got some wise advice to start as I mean to continue, so from day 1 I’ve always been mindful of not doing everything and sharing the load. 

di_p May 18, 2023

@reallife I’m not dismissing health issues. And  guess what, parents have them too!

What I’m saying is that if you take two people with similar issues - whether they be health or disability or caring responsibilities - then add the layer of parenting, they will likely  be more tired because it’s relentless.