Hamish and Andy's new TV show 'Perfect Holiday' is coming. Here are 3 things we know so far.

Fans of Hamish and Andy, you might want to sit down for this one.

The men themselves have confirmed they’re back and bringing Aussies an all-new travel show called Perfect Holiday very soon.

The radio duo-turned-TV stars officially announced their new project on Friday night, sharing a photo on their joint Hamish and Andy Instagram account wearing matching ‘Perfect Holiday’ jumpers.

“We are back everyone! We surprised each other with a new travel adventure every day over the last three weeks and created our ‘Perfect Holiday’,” the photo was captioned.

“The new show will be out later this year and we can’t wait for you to see it*. *some bits we don’t want our families to see.”


Although the show likely won’t be out for a while, we can’t help but get really bloody excited about it.

Here’s what we know about Perfect Holiday so far.

What is Perfect Holiday about?

From what we can tell, Perfect Holiday will have all the laughs and ridiculous gags we’ve come to expect from Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, with one major plot change.

Instead of arranging all of the travel itinerary together, the guys will be planning locations and activities for each other on alternate days, meaning we’re going to see some genuine shock and surprise on camera.

“It’ll still be us making each other eat weird things, pushing each other into swamps and stuff, but the format is like, we know the route we’re travelling but every alternating day I’ll plan a day for Andy and then the next day he plans the day,” Blake told KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show in May.

“We plan the itinerary for the team. So I know what half the trip is… and then he knows the other half of the trip. So every alternating day it’s someone’s turn to figure out the schedule.

“Having said that, it’s not all stitch ups. There’s some genuine, great adventures that I think I’ve got us organised to go on, but it will be a lot of fun.”


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How will Perfect Holiday be different to the Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year series?

Aside from the format where Blake and Lee will take turns planning the activities for one another, their latest travel show will be a tad more grown-up than their previous Gap Year series.

According to Lee, Perfect Holiday is a natural evolution of both his and Blake’s ages and life stages – Lee is in a long-term relationship with model and TV presenter Rebecca Harding, and Blake has two young kids with beauty entrepreneur Zoe Foster Blake.

“We won’t be as wild and crazy as we’ve been in the past. But I’m nervous at what Hamish has brewing for me, so I have some things that might make him uncomfortable,” he told TV Tonight.

“If Gap Year was about looking deep into the culture of things, this time around I’m picking activities that make you say ‘Wow, that seems interesting; let’s go and try it.’

“Certainly you won’t see us doing anything we’ve done before.”


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When will Perfect Holiday air in Australia?

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long until Perfect Holiday hits our screens. So far, all we’ve heard is the show will air on Channel Nine sometime ‘later this year’.

What we do know, though, is Perfect Holiday has already been filmed. Lee told TV Tonight in March the pair would be travelling and filming in May, and from their Instagram post, it appears they filmed the series over the last three weeks.

Let’s hope all that glorious footage can be edited up nice and quick so we can get back to the weeknight wholesomeness that is Hamish and Andy on our TV screens.

Did you watch Hamish and Andy’s previous TV shows? Will you be watching Perfect Holiday?