OPINION: If you do your hair before your makeup, that tells me one thing about you.

Question: Hair or makeup first? What do you do?

Oh! You do your hair first? Okay. Cool, cool, cool.

Oh, no — nothing! Not a thing. 

It's just... you're wrong. Respectfully.

Controversial, I know. 

Alright, alright... before we get into it and start swinging, let's rewind a bit. Because on a recent episode of You Beauty, a listener asked Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren this very question. 

Well, kinda. 

A Youbie by the name of Greer asked: "Hey ladies, any tips for blending foundation into the hairline?" 

Kelly said, "So many times I'll finish my makeup and then I look up and be like — oh, no. Because I clearly have foundation or powder in my hair."

The worst.

Leigh said, "What I do, is apply a little dot just above between my eyes and then I blend it out so it's sheer to the hairline so that I don't have a mask of foundation on my hairline. 

"But occasionally I will get in the car and realise I didn't look as fabulous as I thought it did. Anyway, I don't really have this problem as a brunette. But maybe I'm walking around with foundation in my hair!"

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"It also comes down to the type of foundation that you use. If it's matte and quite full coverage, that's going to be quite hard to not get in your hairline. But I normally go for a liquid foundation and something that is velvety/dewy and I only just do a few dots in the middle of my face and I blend with my fingers then use a brush to finish it. I think that brush sheers it out enough to not really affect my hairline."


Kelly, whose makeup very much enjoys chilling in her blonde hairline, uses a headband and pulls it close to the front of her hairline, blending her base into that instead of her hairline

"However, if you've already done your hair that isn't always gonna work," she added.

And so popped up this glorious question: hair or makeup first?

While Leigh is team makeup first, Kelly said, "I always do hair first. Because my hair takes so long — I'll do the curls and everything just so I get as much out of my face as possible. If I don't want to put a headband on, you can also get these flat clips that won't put a dent in your hair."

"So, it's just about being careful. You only put it in the middle of your forehead and then blend it up. I'll generally be holding my hair and blending it and buffing it out towards the hairline and making sure it's like not mask-y."

"If you have gotten any makeup on there, what I would do I just grab a baby wipe, and then just use that to wipe the area of makeup in the hair. You could even use a Q-Tip."

The only thing then, is that if it is already styled and you use a wipe/Q-Tip/cotton pad soaked in micellar water, you might have a bit of wet hair... which is why team makeup first is the way to go, you guys.


Because it just makes sense! 

For me, I always feel like my hair needs to be pinned up in a bun, in a towel if it's wet or just right out of my face so I can FULLY focus on my makeup. 

Also, if I was running behind on time, I would rather have my makeup fully done and just tie my hair back in a slicked-back bun if I had to. You know? Just me??

"Mine's not about time it's just... I feel like you're putting your undies on over your dress the way you do it, Kelly," said Leigh.

Hear, hear.

However, Kelly said, "But I get hot and my arms hurt and I get sweaty sometimes when I'm doing my hair — I don't want to sweat my makeup off."


Of course, it kind of goes without saying, but there's obviously no judgment here — you can apply foundation however you want. There isn't really a one-size-fits all kind of rule when it comes down to it. 

You do you, yada, yada, yada.

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Your turn! What do you do first? Hair or makeup? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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