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mamamia-user-41849615 September 5, 2023

Hair first so that the hair dryer doesn't melt the makeup 

mamamia-user-41849615 August 25, 2023

Or the time she bullied and shamed Charlotte into selling her first engagement ring to provide Carrie a deposit on her apartment because Carrie had spent all her own money on shoes!!

mamamia-user-41849615 July 12, 2023

What about Brent????

mamamia-user-41849615 September 23, 2021

So if you were working full time and a coworker wished you a good weekend (during which you would still undertake parenting and household duties) you would still take offence?   Heads up, try working full time with three children.   Very challenging to feel any empathy for such an entitled perspective.  Article has no substance

mamamia-user-41849615 March 2, 2021

Heartbreaking how Bryce and Sam (a firm 6.5 and 6 respectively on the looks scale) possess such  unrealistic confidence in their appeal and denigrate their “wives” (who are out of their league both in looks and emotional intelligence) solely on their physical appearance.  No wonder these poor women are single if this pair is representative of the quality of the men in Australia.  

mamamia-user-41849615 December 13, 2020

Why is Mamamia giving this convicted drug mule and serial liar any airtime?  Please replace this article with one on Australian women that inspire others and that are an asset to their community from a diverse range of backgrounds) which Mamamia do so well)  rather than “cocaine Cassie” - who must be the only person in her 20’s who can’t remember the pin for her phone 🤥 And her mother wants the Aust. People to help “poor Cassie” with financial support......  ha!!!

mamamia-user-41849615 September 9, 2020

What a polarising choice and I sincerely question what the selection process was.  This man has received the luxury of multiple second chances and is unworthy of being in the public profile in any capacity.  I won’t be tuning in.