The (non-cringey) secret that keeps Gwyneth Paltrow young.





1. Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed the secret to her youth and it’s not a cringe-worthy ‘Oh I just try and drink lots of water and voila I look amaze-balls!’

It’s sex.

That’s right, not the thousands of dollars she spends on what we imagine is a pretty rigorous health, fitness and beauty every year. Nope. It’s S. E. X.

In an interview with U.S OK magazine, Gwyneth revealed that her tips for keeping youthful are pretty simple. And cheap: “Honestly, it’s pretty basic stuff, like exercise and self-discovery. Looking at life as an opening and an adventure- and love and sex.”

Excellent. Let’s get started shall we?


2. Heartbreaking details about the circumstances of James Gandolfini‘s death have emerged. And an A-list star has announced he’ll care for his family. Details here.



3. Oh, One Direction. It may have been candy (which we know is delicious), but that’s NO excuse for this…

“I WAS THERE TO WITNESS THIS MAGICAL SCENERY.” That’s one of many similar comments on this Youtube video of One Direction getting a little… close in one of their concerts two nights ago.

Looks like the boys are all grown up. Because eating candy thongs off one another is what grown ups do…


4. Did Kim Kardashian lie about having a premature birth? These seven conspiracy theories about why she might have are pretty wild. Click here.



5. Don’t piss off Taylor Swift fans… they be fierce.

Abercrombie and Fitch – the company already reviled by many for refusing to cater to those over size 14 – is in trouble again, this time for upsetting loyal Taylor Swift fans (and budding feminists).


A & F were recently selling this t-shirt:

And T-Swizzle’s fans took SERIOUS offence. Good on them too – taking a dig at a young woman for her dating history is a dangerous ame to play, especially when that young woman has an army of fans. The pressure eventually got so bad A & F decided to stop selling the t-shirt. They tweeted the following to TayTay’s fans:

Don’t cross Swifty… or her peeps.



6. What would the rum-swilling Captain Jack Sparrow have to say about THIS announcement by Johnny Depp?



7. First homelessness. Then Suicide. Now hoarding. Stop it, fashion mags. Just stop it.

Here’s a pic from the TV show Hoarders, which explores the mental illness and motivations behind the people who just can’t throw things out:

But if we just add a bit of mood lighting and some expensive labels, mental illness becomes totes tres chic. Take a look at the latest bizarre spread from Interview Magazine. And if you get offended you obviously just don’t understand art, because FASHION:


8. This might just be the best selfie of Miranda Kerr we’ve ever seen. Take a look and let us know if you agree.


9. The question you’ve just been DYING to have answered…

Get ready to be enlightened with this important piece of information.Which male body part is the most painful to get waxed?

Answer: The armpit.

An editor at ModernMan.com decided to try out male body waxing, and the picture on the left was taken just as the hair was ripped from his underarm. In complete shock from this modern-day form of torture, he wrote afterwards:

“The piercing pain was so debilitating that it left me unable to speak for a minute or so.”

If you really, really want to watch the video, you can head to ModernMan.com here.