These sneakers cost $1000 and celebrities everywhere are inviting them into their wardrobes.

How much did your last pair of sneakers cost you?

$20? $50? Maybe $110 after they sat in your online basket for a week when you deliberated?

How about $1000? (No, that’s not a typo –  I really do mean three zeroes).

That’s the price tag attached to the disco-ball-rivalling sparkly sneakers soon to invade the wardrobes of Australian celebrities, bloggers and influencers everywhere, and the newest pair of shoes (we presume are) sitting in author and Go-To Skincare founder Zoe Foster Blake’s wardrobe.

Yes, we are v jealous of her new bling.

She posted a picture of the Gucci sequin sneakers on her Instagram story yesterday, cheekily describing them as "understated".

The Young Mummy's Sophie Cachia has also shared her magpie-like attraction to the bedazzled shoe.

While the exact pair aren't available on Gucci's Australian website, they do have a very similar sparkly set that will empty your bank account of $745.

Image: Gucci

And if the shoe looks vaguely familiar, that's because you've probably seen another pair from the same collection on the famous feet of just about every celebrity on the world's continents.

Over the last 12 months, they've been worn by Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian, Elle Fanning and blogger Chiara Ferragni.

More recently, they've found some fans Down Under with Bec Judd featuring them on her blog earlier this year.

Image: Gucci


Em Rusciano and They All Hate Us' Tash Sefton have also taken their pairs out for a spin.

Saturdays like these

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With a number of different styles on offer, everyone has been taken slightly different options.

The simpler, more classic bee designs sit at $635, while Rusciano's are good middle ground option, thanks to the addition of a bedazzled patch that sits over the laces ($1,035).

Designs include pineapples, butterflies, tigers and bows, oh my!


So why these shoes and why now?

They're a street style stars dream, bridging the gap between fashion and urban practicality. Think of them as the ultimate smart casual shoe.

The fact that they've been pounding the streets for a good few months now also means there are some, ahem, inspired options available in other stores for a fraction of the price.

A few very similar looking pairs have been spotted in Zara (no online Australian store as yet, so you'll have to head in store) but you can also find some great options elsewhere.

Like this embroidered pair from Spurr, $49.95.

Image: The Iconic

Or these high top versions from ASOS.

Image: ASOS

Or for a bit of colour, these rainbow star ones, also from ASOS.

Image: ASOS

Whichever you go for, bling it on.