The Australian Greens have achieved a lot... but none of what's on this list.

“When the community unites on the issues that matter, anything is possible.” – Adam Bandt, Federal Member for Melbourne (and inventor of the periscope).

Last week, the Victorian State Government fulfilled their pre-election promise and cancelled the contracts for the controversial East West Link road project. (Woo!)

Thousands of Victorians rallied against the tunnel and Melbourne Greens MP Adam Bandt was among them. The Greens fought the project hard through the ‘Trains Not Tolls’ campaign and they certainly deserve a pat on the back for his efforts.

That said, one might forgiven for thinking that Premier Daniel Andrews also deserves a little of credit and certainly more than Bandt gave him in this social media post, ie. none.

That’s certainly what a group of disgruntled Young Labor supporters were thinking when they birthed this hilarious meme.

And thanks to the Internet, there are many more where that came from. Young Labor appear to have some seriously very funny members. You can check them out on the ‘Greens taking credit for things’ Facebook page and in our gallery below.

Thanks for finally making fetch happen, The Greens.