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The brutal way Love Island's Grant Crapp learned he had been dumped.

We learned on Thursday afternoon that Love Island Australia winners Grant Crapp and Taylor Damir have ended their relationship after precisely one week and six days together.

But it turns out that we were confronted with the news at the same time, er, Mr Crapp was.

On an Instagram post shared by Love Island Australia, which read “BREAKING: Taylor Damir and Grant Crapp have sadly called it quits…” Crapp commented, “This is news to me??” accompanied by a surprise face. 

Well, uh oh.


Damir, 21, is reported to have ended the relationship on Wednesday night, and told Nine’s The Fix: “I still respect him as a person and I just think he’s young and he’s made a massively bad decision, and didn’t really think of the consequences that maybe a girl would have fallen in love with him, which just happened to be me…”

Crapp, 22, is said to have had a secret girlfriend outside their Spanish villa.

“Hopefully that’s something he learned through this experience and he learns not to play with people’s emotions.

“He denied it when we were in the house and I just had this gut feeling to follow through with it. Once I was able to access media and read the articles, I told Grant he needed to own up. I finally got the answer that was the truth: he was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the Villa.”


The pair took home $50,000 after the finale earlier this month, and we hope Damir spends the vast majority of it on ice cream.