This YouTube star shared a photo of herself on her period and the reaction was ridiculous.


As a woman you’ll more than likely be familiar with the annoyance of waking up in the morning with period blood on your sheets. While it’s irritating and time-consuming, it’s also, of course, completely natural.

Yet when YouTube star Grace Victory posted a photo of herself rolled over, with period blood on her sheets yesterday, the reaction was far from what you’d expect.

In the post, Grace wrote “for the redness turns to shame and the inner peace blends to hate and the sweetness of chocolate to cure the pain does nothing – Grace Victory.”

“Thank you for all the love on my previous post with Always to fight period poverty. You guys came through and I’m thankful. Lets normalise bleeding. How does this image make you feel?,” she continued.


While Victory obviously intended to start a conversation about the stigmatisation of period blood, she did not expect to lose over 1000 followers.

Shortly after the image was posted, Victory realised the reaction people were having. She reposted the image to her Instagram story, writing that the reaction is the exact reason why it’s so important that she share images like that.

“Just hate how period blood is viewed. It’s so important for my healing to express and grow through the uncomfortableness of who I am. Sexuality, vaginas, our wombs – why is it so wrong for them to be seen and talked about?” she wrote.

grace victory instagram
Image: Instagram.

"2018 and people are still grossed out over period blood. We are still full of shame and embarrassment over something so so so natural", she added.

Speaking to Refinery29 UK, the blogger shared that people direct messaged her disgusted by the post.

"Some people felt it was 'disgusting,' 'unneeded' and 'too shocking'. I also had some comments and private messages saying that the photo was too much for them due to cultural and religious beliefs," Grace told Refinery29 UK.

While she recognised she shouldn't have felt it, she admitted that she experienced shame and rejection when she lost so many followers over the image.

Despite the negative backlash, many of the YouTuber's fans applauded the brave post.

"Love this! Let's normalise it" wrote one follower.

"Indifferent! Which I kinda think is how I should feel, like it's not big deal but I'm not offended either. It's just life/nature!" wrote another.

Power to you, Grace.