The things that the world Googles most regularly will break you heart.

We all have hang ups. The tough questions we wouldn’t dream of asking our friends. The things we are too scared to admit to anyone. For some of us life isn’t all that easy and we don’t always have someone to go to for help.

Confessing these things to anyone is unthinkable, but luckily we’ve invented an all knowing being to help us out. This video shows the sometimes heartbreaking and always insightful questions that we turn to Google for. And trust us: the questions people are asking, aren’t quite what you are expecting.

This video gives an insight into what it means to be human. The different lows we experience throughout our lives; the unfair cards we are dealt; how lucky we are not to be googling some of these things. It is a quiet look at our insides, the questions and fears we are only willing to tell our keyboards.

A must watch.

What have you asked google, that you were too afraid to ask anyone else?