The Golden Globes menu sounds delicious. But where's the rest of it?

We know you’re starving for all the inside information from this year’s Golden Globes, so here’s a tasty morsel for you… the menu.

From appetisers through to dessert, here’s what all the celebrities will be chowing down on during tomorrow’s ceremony and, we have to be honest, it’s left us wanting more.

Like, it’s literally left us starving. We want chips. And pasta. And maybe a sneaky post-ceremony bowl of cereal? Famished.

Here’s what the Beverly Hilton will be providing for Hollywood’s A-List, as ‘curated’ by Chef Alberico Nunziata.

The appetiser.

First up is a golden beet salad made with herb-roasted golden and red beets, watermelon radish, arugula, crumbled goat cheese, grapefruit, roasted pistachios and ceviche lime dressing.

Sounds delicious but, ah, where’s the rest of it?


The main course.

By the time the main course arrives we imagine most of the guests will be a few Moëts deep, so fingers crossed dinner is sufficient to line their stomach-DEAR GOD WHAT IT IS THIS?

Where are the carbohydrates though? Image via iStock

The main course apparently pairs a Chilean sea bass and filet mignon (fish plus meat, I think) on celery puree and sun-dried tomato pesto with 24-month aged parmigianino risotto, some fancy mushies and broccolini flowers.

There's extra risotto for the vegetarians too.

I guess now we know why everyone gets so drunk, at least.


Thankfully the kitchen wasn't stingy on course number three, which is arguably the most important anyway: dessert.


There will be three dessert options to choose from, all plated with strawberry relish and coulis.

Now this deserves a bloody award. Image via Getty

The first is a traditional Neapolitan almond cake with orange mascarpone cream, known as a delizia.

Next is profiteroles topped with crunchy sugared almonds and chocolate sauce and filled with vanilla cream.

Choccy-lovers can also pick something called a 'chocolate gianduja crunch bar'.

Still, I don't blame them for ordering pizzas...