There's a good chance you already own the accessory you're about to see everywhere.

It’s always nice when a new fashion trend comes along and you already own the item in question, right?

Thankfully, the same goes with the accessories trend you’re about to see everywhere for spring and summer.

It’s probably sitting in your jewellery box right now.

We first saw this trend on stylist and fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Australia Denis Todorovic’s Instagram account (@stylebydeni). A quick scroll through the New Arrivals pages of all my favourite online shopping websites confirmed what we hoped was true.

Your mum’s old hand me down gold jewellery is back.

Think gold chains, pendants, solid gold hoops and bangles – it’s a little bit gaudy, but also dainty and full of character at the same time.

Moving away from the rose gold everything movement we bought into in 2017, this latest trend sees a refocus on gold and yellow gold tones.

Layering is also key here – you can either wear a few chains of different lengths together, or wrap a longer chain around a second time.

Many of us have key pieces like this collecting dust in jewellery boxes in the backs of wardrobes or in attics. You’ll also find pieces that have truly lived in op shops.

Or, you can shop this trend brand new (made to look old, of course).

Here are a few of our favourite finds across all budgets. Enjoy!


Reliquia Mini Lucky Coin Pendant in Gold, $130.

Reliquia Mini Lucky Coin Pendant
Image: Reliquia.

Missguided Coin Drop Hoop Earrings in Gold, $12.

Missguided Coin Drop Hoop Earrings in Gold
Image: ASOS.

Cinquante Everything Hoops, $89.

Cinquante Everything Hoops
Image: Cinquante.

Atmos&Here Coin & Cross Multirow Necklace, $35.

Atmos&Here Coin & Cross Multirow Necklace
Image: The Iconic.

ASOS DESIGN Hoop Earrings in Gold, 3pk for $8.

ASOS DESIGN Hoop Earrings in Gold
Image: ASOS.

Samantha Wills The Huntress Ring, $99.

Samantha Wills The Huntress Ring
Image: Samantha Wills.

Showpo Don't Give In Choker in Gold, $12.95.

Showpo Don't Give In Choker in Gold
Image: Showpo.

Reliquia Disco Earrings, $129.

Reliquia Disco Earrings
Image: Reliquia.

Dazie Coin and Pearl Drop Earrings, $25.

Dazie Coin and Pearl Drop Earrings
Image: The Iconic.

ASOS DESIGN Multirow Necklace in Gold, $24.

ASOS DESIGN Multirow Necklace
Image: ASOS.

La Luna Rose Saint Anthony Necklace Pendant, $169.

La Luna Rose Saint Anthony Necklace Pendant
Image: La Luna Rose.

TOPSHOP Multi Coin Chain, $35.

TOPSHOP Multi Coin Chain
Image: The Iconic.

Kitte Artemis Earrings, $79.

Kitte Artemis Earrings
Image: The Iconic.

Reliquia Mini Mary Necklace and Pendant, $129.

Reliquia Mini Mary Necklace and Pendant
Image: Reliquia.

Do you have any pieces like this lying around at home collecting dust? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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