Behold. God has just erected an incredible sign in this conservative, anti-gay town.

Yes, he does.



There’s a town in the US state of Kansas called Topeka that’s home to some of the most vicious homophobes in the world.

It’s where the Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group notorious for picketing funerals with its “God hates fags” signs, is based.

So one guy had a brilliant idea: he set up a crowdfunding site to erect a giant, rainbow-coloured, sparkling, cartoony billboard in the town saying GOD LOVES GAYS.

“When people see villains such as Westboro existing in the world, and no one doing anything about it, it disheartens them greatly,” the crowdfunding site explains.

“Some people will argue that it is better to ignore the bigots, that all that Westboro wants is more attention,” it says. “While I respect this opinion, I contend that evil is only allowed to exist because good people do nothing.”

“The time has come for good people to fight back. With love!”

The  campaign went viral —  helped by the fact it was founded by  The Facebook God,” a social media personality with more than 1.7 million likes — and easily reached its $50,000 goal.


The billboard was unveiled on Monday in Topeka.

Predictably, the Westboro Baptist Church was not pleased by the development.

“Thank God for that lying billboard!” the church — which believes said in a statement to Mashable. “Every soul that sees it will either rejoice for the lie and the vain hope of afflicting the servants of God at WBC.”

We’re not exactly sure what that means. But we’re pretty sure the church — which believes the 9/11 attack and the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are God’s punishment for the country’s tolerance of LGBT people– will not be happy to hear the God Loves Gays campaign has now raised more than $83,000.

Some of those funds have now been donated to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, and have bought a series of bus ads for the campaign in Topeka.


Here’s another of our favourite Christians — the priest at the Gosford Anglican Church in NSW, who’s famous for his politically progressive signs:

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