'I tried Go-To's new cleanser for dry and over-40s skin. The results were... unexpected.'

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's Senior Health and Beauty Writer reviews Go-To's Juicy Gel Cleanser.

Did you hear? No? The gang at Go-To have just blessed us with another snazzy new product, and goodness I was excited when it crept across my desk this week.

Mostly because I'm an absolute fiend for cute packaging — and wouldya just look at this:


It's almost TOO cute.


If the packaging didn't give it away, it's a new cleanser — aptly named Juicy Gel Cleanser.

With soothing ingredients like cucumber extract to hydrate and plump, and aloe vera to combat dryness, this gentle gel cleanser sounds like a really good time for a flake like me (and you, probably).

On Instagram, Zoe Foster Blake wrote, "I love our moussey queen, Properly Clean. We’ve had over a decade of cleansing together. But at 43, I was ready for something more replenishing."

"It’s a matter of preference! Choose your own cleansing adventure. But definitely give Juicy Gel a squeeze. That cucumber smell, that gorgeous gloopy lather… you’ll fall fast and you’ll fall hard."


Yes! More love for the dry- and over-40s-skinned gals! How good.

With the recently launched (and very lovely) Very Luxe Face Cream also created with 'mature' skin in mind, it looks like Go-To has been expanding its products, offering more options for this demographic.

So, since everyone (my mum) asked if it was any good, I decided to get it on my face and suss out if it was worth buying.

What is Juicy Gel Cleanser?

As you might already know, Go-To already does a couple of other cleansers: Properly Clean (foaming cleanser) and Fancy Face (oil cleanser). This makes Juicy Gel Cleanser Go-To's third face wash (quick math). 

So, how is it different?

As described on the Go-To website, Juicy Gel Cleanser is "a gentle gel cleanser for anyone wanting very clean, very soft skin.

"Juicy Gel is the first step to a bouncy and smooth face; a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. The soap-free, jelly-like, ultra-soothing formula is an expert at removing impurities while keeping your skin barrier balanced and happy."

Going by what the website and Zoe Foster Blake said, this particular cleanser is specifically designed with sensitive and mature faces in mind (although it's supposed to be suitable for any skin type).

Like your standard cleanser, you use it morning and night and follow with your serums, oils, moisturiser and SPF. 

The product comes in Go-To's signature peachy packaging and a handy squeezy bottle, with the usual fun, non-boring instructions on the back.


Here she is.

It costs $39 for 200ml (not the most savey of cleansers, but it's pretty average for a non-chemist formula), and you can grab it here or in-store or online at Mecca.

So, is it worth it?

How did you go with it?

As I mentioned before, Juicy Gel is meant to be hydrating and plumping and GREAT for dry, mature skin.

And look, I know I don't have 'mature' skin (I'm 31), but I definitely do excel at having dry skin. It's sensitive. Doesn't like fuss. Resents my job as a beauty editor. 


For this reason, I actually tend to veer away from anything other than cream cleansers. From my past experience, both foaming and gel cleansers tend to make my skin feel pretty tight, stripped and irritated – so my cleanser game usually involves an affordable creamy chemist cleanser that pumps my skin with hydration while cleansing.

However, the words 'hydrating', 'plump' and 'soothing' are plastered all over this newbie and reeled me right in – so I was keen to find out how it would work for me.

Upon first impressions, the formula itself is thicker and somehow MORE jelly-like than I expected? And it is actually VERY juicy? 

It thins out beautifully on the skin and a little goes a really long way. Like, one squirt did my whole face and neck.

It's also worth noting it has a bit of a fragrance to it. Nothing offensive, though – it smells kinda cucumber-y, tropical and fresh. Definitely a scent that gives you a little 'boost' in the morning. 

But, if you're sensitive to fragrances, it might not be for you.

Now, I usually whack on serums or cleansers right after I cleanse (stops my face from falling off). However, when I was testing this, I decided to wait a little bit post-cleanse to see how it left my skin feeling, without anything else. And I was actually pretty surprised. 

Immediately after washing it off, my skin felt soft and smooth. 

Unlike other gel cleansers I've tried in the past, I found it to be really soothing and non-strippy. My skin didn't feel the slightest bit tight or irritated after using it (there's no stinging or any of that BS). Rather, it felt soft, comfortable and happy.


Which brings me to...

The verdict.

While I've only used Juicy Gel Cleanser a handful of times (she's very new), I have to say, it's enough to make me want to continue putting it on my face.

Each time I've used it, my skin looks brighter! Fresher! Plumper! Better-er!

And look, as someone who quite enjoys messing with their moisture barrier (it comes with trying 12 million products a week), I feel like this formula provides a hit of nourishment to my skin – soothing it, kissing it on the forehead and bringing it back to its healthy self.

If you're someone like me (cute, funny, black belt in karate), who has steered away from gel cleansers for a really long time because they feel scary, this is a wee note to say it's okay. They're not all bad.

In fact, if this newbie has proven anything, it's that gel cleansers have come a really long way from the strippy, intense, irritating stuff we all used to use in the past.

Some of them are quite good, and will probably make your skin feel the opposite of what you'd expect.

For this reason, I'll definitely continue using it as part of my regular routine – and I'm excited to see what kind of long-term results are on the cards.

Look at me! All smug and not scared of gel cleansers anymore!

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Would you try Go-To Juicy Gel Cleanser? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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