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melmel February 19, 2024

Totally agree 👌🏼

melmel January 13, 2024

Omggg ~ can you please announce spoiler alerts for this article! 😩

melmel January 8, 2024


It was her ex partner. 

melmel November 27, 2023

Everyone should definitely have the option of participating or not. If you put in, then you take out. Simple. 

melmel October 1, 2023

The Barbie movie made me uncomfortable. I would have been mortified if I went with my partner who absolutely treat’s women with respect. There was just a lot of man bashing & the last line in the movie was eye rolling ridiculous. 

melmel August 31, 2023

Sorry if I missed it but does it take a full face of makeup off? 

melmel August 27, 2023

I totally agree with everything in this article. I cut off last New Years and haven’t looked back. I feel free from the cruelty and control and have never been happier! 

melmel November 15, 2022

Let’s not forget who else it will benefit boys:

Share the Dignity is a charity that works to distribute period products to women, girls and anyone who menstruates, especially those who have experienced homelessness and domestic violence. To date, it has donated over 3.5 million packets of pads and tampons to those who need them.30 May 2022.”

www.share the

melmel October 5, 2022

Yes, the pill comment is mind blowing! Thanks to Mamamia I have been looking into Peri Menopause and at our age (40’s) trying to shift kilos is even harder. The one take away I got from their online session was to seek a Dr that specialises in Peri & Menopause as they can review your hormones and give good solid advice around it if in Peri. A general GP doesn’t generally want to go into all of the details and treatments. 

melmel June 22, 2021

I hope you are ok? You can make a complaint through AHPRA to hopefully prevent other women experiencing this with him. Sending you big hugs.