Girl attempts to road test 'wash off' pink face paint. Things go wrong. Very wrong.

Chances are, you’re having a much better weekend than Twitter user Leah, who decided she would take a paint company up on their promise that their products would “wash off easily on skin”.

For some bizarre reason – we’re guessing (nay, hoping) she just had nothing else better to do that day – she painted her entire face using Palmer Paint Products hot pink glitter paint.

... Image via Twitter.


But when Leah attempted to remove the paint from her skin, she discovered that, although the paint could be removed, her entire faced had been stained bright pink.

Oh. This is not good. Image via Twitter.

It's similar to what we imagine Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would have looked like if she stole strawberry gum from Willy Wonka instead of blueberry.

Of course, Leah was not too pleased with her roadtest-gone-wrong, captioning a series of images on Twitter, "See you in court, Palmer Paint Products".

Leah's beauty mishap has since been retweeted over 135,000 times, with many questioning what possessed her to attempt the stunt.


"Why would anyone paint their face pink in the first place?" one user asked, while another said that the product's "wash off" promise was clearly only applicable to small spills.

"My 9 y/o daughter said, 'That just means if you get a drip on you or something it'll wipe back off easily!'" she wrote.

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Others wanted Leah to know that she had actually painted her face with "poster paint" and not "face paint", which would not usually stain.

Here's hoping Leah has returned to her normal, more natural-looking complexion by now.

At least she'll fit in with Regina George and co... even if it is only on Wednesdays.


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