Parents are furious after their toddler was forced to clean up her own urine at childcare.

The parents of a four-year-old girl say their daughter was “humiliated” when she was forced to clean up a puddle of her own urine after wetting her pants at childcare.

Sindy Moise says her toddler was given a brush and a bucket of soap by a childcare worker at the Montreal centre and made to scrub the spot on her hands and knees, in front of the other kids.

“I have a lot of anger because I don’t understand how someone who works with children – and I’m an educator myself – can tell me it’s educational,” she told a Canadian news outlet on Wednesday.

“For me, someone who works with kids, it’s not the right approach – we simply don’t act this way in 2017.”

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The incident occurred on April 25, and the little girl was not changed into dry clothes until after she'd be forced to clean her mess.

The employee responsible has so far refused to apologise, with the parents now calling on the local school board for her immediate dismissal.

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"She had no remorse," Moise said.

"If you tell me that's OK, what else is being done that she qualifies as 'educational' that we don't know about?"

Leaders of the school have promised the child will have no contact with the supervisor from now on, but her parents remain unsatisfied.

Her father, Dietrich Banzouzi, described the treatment “unacceptable.”

“She's only four,” he said.