We spoke to five men to see what gifts they really want to receive this Christmas.


If you’re a man on Christmas Day you’ll probably get a lot of socks.

And Lynx Africa.

This mostly comes from a place of the women in your life having NO IDEA what you actually want to receive.

Worry not, we delved deep into the male psyche and asked men what they want for Christmas, so you don’t have to.

And vouchers feature a little more than we expected. So that makes our lives easier. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


For Adam, clothes make the perfect gift.

Perfume. Summer shirts. Socks and underwear, are perfect” Adam says.

“Ties and nice shirts if you work in a corporate job,” he added.

For others, a basic tee makes the perfect gift.

“I actually love when I get a good basic t-shirt that I can wear with anything,” says Andrew.

“I recently got a really basic but stylish one, I wear it all the time so it was a really practical gift,” he added.

But while many men don’t mind clothes for Christmas, others loathe them.

Nathan says that he hates when a gift is too “soft” because it means there’s clothes or socks in there, and he’d really just prefer something (anything) else.


While vouchers often get a reputation for being lazy, apparently they are well-received.

“Vouchers mean you can go to the shop and see what’s there for yourself, no fuss,” Hugh says.

He wasn’t the only one who thought vouchers were the way to go.


Rob says “a golf shop gift voucher” is the perfect gift because it gives him an excuse to buy things he actually wants… which makes sense.


It’s unsurprising that a carton of beer goes down well with most men.

“I’d really love some alcohol,” Luca says.

But… what now? 

When it comes to specifics, we have options.

For cologne, Versace and Hugo Boss are always a hit.

For the perfect sock, look no further than happy socks. They live up to their happy branding, boasting loads of colourfully hilarious socks. They are the perfect way to brighten up an otherwise corporate outfit. Myer, $16.95. 



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And when it comes to basic t-shirts, Style and Weather provide simple, cheap options. Style and Weather, $39.99.


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For a more expensive t-shirt, Calvin Klein does some classics. Myer, $59.95. 


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And for alcohol, a bottle of Grey Goose is never a bad idea. Dan Murphy’s, $64.95. 


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Another reason to never skip dessert. The Grey Goose Espresso Martini

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While obviously this list doesn’t speak for all men, hopefully we’ve made a dent in an otherwise impossible mission.

What do you love receiving on Christmas? Tell us in the comments!