The strange sights and sounds of Sydney's creepiest train station.


After the last train leaves Macquarie Fields station, as the platforms empty and the tracks clear, an unsettling sound can be heard. A girl, crying, softly.

OK, so we haven’t heard it with our own ears, and it’s more thank likely a baby/cat/local nanna’s really loud telly. BUT according to several Sydney ghost-hunting groups the eerie sobs are definitely courtesy of something paranormal.

Spirit Stalkers Sydney, for example, even claims that an apparition has been seen on the platform – a teenage girl dressed in blood-stained dancing clothing. They say her cries are faint at first, but become much louder deeper into the night.

“Someone has once reported that they swear they saw a young girl wearing dancing clothes, covered in what looked like to be blood in her chest area,” the group reported, according to The Daily Telegraph. “She lurks around the station moaning and groaning. She also sits in the middle of the station, and just stares and cries.”

Which is…fine.

It’s not the only Sydney station haunted by disembodied voices. Tony Eid, director of operations with Sydney Trains, reported hearing the sound of children playing in the unused and very empty subterranean platforms at Central Station in the CBD. These platforms were built on a cemetery site – the bodies were exhumed in 1901 and reburied elsewhere to make way for construction.

According to a reporter from The Sydney Morning Herald who was touring the tunnels with Eid (and, it should be noted, also heard the sounds), the walls are thick – too thick for external noise to penetrate. Yet it wasn’t even the first time the transport boss had heard them.

“On one occasion I was down here with a radio crew and we all heard children playing,” he told the paper. “Take that as you wish but we all heard it.”


Side note: why aren’t these ghosts ever friendly, like Casper or Patrick Swayze? And why are they always children?!

More of this, please:

Alas, for Sydney train commuters, it seems the only appropriate course of action is to avoid deserted train stations late at night. Which seems like good life advice anyway.

Unless, of course, you happen to be shift worker/party animal who lives in Macquarie Fields, in which case you will almost definitely, perhaps, be stalked by a tiny child ghost. Sorry, but it's true.*

*Disclaimer: Mamamia cannot independently verify the existence of paranormal manifestations of deceased persons. But heaps of people reckon it's legit. So...